We Lost. But Here’s My Favorite Tweet Over the Last 24 Hours

The Georgia State Panthers, coached by the great Ron Hunter, executed their successful game plan of strong defense and making a lot of shots from long range to defeat the UT-Arlington Mavericks 73-64 in the Sun Belt Men’s Basketball Championship Game in New Orleans.

UTA lead early, but about halfway through the first half into the second half, UTA went like 14 or 15 minutes I think without making a field goal, missing 23 consecutive attempts. If the Mavs make even 25% of those (let’s say 5 or 6, even without a 3-pointer or and-one), there’s another 10-12 points for the Mavs and we probably have a very good chance win the game.

Hopefully we’ll get a Sunday afternoon rematch with the Panthers in March of 2020.

Thanks so much for reading my blog this season and I’ll be posting occasionally during the off-season as we learn about games on next year’s schedule and any other UTA-related news that might be interesting.

So in wrapping up this season, I thought this tweet summed up 2018-2019 very well–so much better than I could have.



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