Butler Perfect from Long-Range, Mavs Now 13-9

UTA 71, Idaho 68

We’ve seen some excellent outside shooters have big nights at Texas Hall and CPC (I do recall a player for S. F. Austin hit 8 against us on the stage), but it’s hard to top Kevin Butler’s 7-for-7 3-point shooting last at Idaho night. Wow.

The Spokesman-Review has a great article about the game. Several runs in the second half by teams–must have been a great game to watch in person.

The Mavs had another good shooting night, making 49%FG, 64% 3pt (9 of 14). Rebounds were tied at 27 and UTA had one more turnover (13 UTA, 12 Idaho). The big stat that stands out for me is that Idaho had 31 free-throw attempts, UTA had 13 and Idaho scored 25 points vs. UTA’s 10 from the line. Without all those extra free throw points (Idaho 15 more than we did), this probably is a bigger win margin for UTA. If the threes keep falling for UTA like they have the last few games, we should score enough points to get a nice roll going into the tournament.

Over, a nice win vs. a good Idaho team and the WAC standings now look like this:

Louisiana Tech 22-3, 13-0
New Mexico State 18-8, 12-2
Denver 16-8, 12-2
Utah State 17-6, 8-5
UT Arlington 13-9, 8-5
Idaho 9-15, 5-9
San Jose State 9-15, 3-10
Texas State 7-18, 3-10
Seattle U 7-17, 2-12
UTSA 5-19, 1-12

Up next: Seattle saturday
Here’s a nice fan blog about their team:


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