Valentine’s Day Game at Idaho

A few weeks ago in Arlington, Idaho played very tough defense and shot the ball well (60% vs. UTA 37%) and made 8 of 9 three-pointers and beat UTA 77-64 in a game that just wasn’t very close at all.

How will this game go? UTA has a better record (UTA 12-9 overall, 7-5 WAC; Idaho 9-14 overall, 5-8 WAC) and since that meeting, UTA has won 4 of 5. Kevin Butler’s been unstoppable and the UTA offense shows signs of being consistent again, the Mavs play very well on the road so I’m predicting our good defense will hold Idaho to a low FG% (UTA allows 36%, Idaho 43%). My best guess on the score: UTA 63, Idaho 52. What’s your prediction?

Here’s a link to the Vandals website:

The Vandals play in the ASUI-Kibbie Dome, an indoor football stadium they convert to an intimate 7000 seat basketball arena, which is called the Cowan Spectrum.
If you’re wondering how they do the conversion  from football to basketball, this cool time-lapse video shows the process:


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