Where the Antelope Play

The Mavs play Thursday at Grand Canyon University.

I didn’t know much about Grand Canyon University, or antelopes in general. Here’s what I learned:

Grand Canyon University
* A private Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona
* Founded in 1949
* Enrollment 44,000
* Coached by Dan Majerle, who played 14 seasons in the NBA as a player (8 with the Phoenix Suns) and 5 as an assistant coach with the Suns
* Joined the WAC in 2013-2014 after previously competing as a Div. II school

2014-2015 Basketball
* Lost first game at Kentucky 85-45
* Won their next game vs. Montana State (0-2) 61-45, forcing 22 Montana State turnovers and shooting 44.4% from the floor

* Seats 7,000 after a recent expansion
* GCU Arena website
* Arena expansion story at AZCentral.com

Current WAC Basketball Teams
A lot of conferences have had some teams join and leave the last few years, but I wasn’t sure who’s in the WAC this season. So, here is list of teams competing in men’s basketball:
Texas-Pan American
Grand Canyon
Utah Valley
Chicago State
Seattle U
New Mexico State

Antelopes–The Animal
* have a “bouncing” stride
* some have horns up to 2 feet long, with some up to 5 feet long
* can run up to 50 mph
* tend to eat bushes, small trees and grass
* smaller antelope are only 7-8 lbs, bigger grow up to 1500 lbs.


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