Mavs Picked 7th in Sun Belt; Player Blog

Mavs Picked Seventh
I honestly don’t know a lot about the Sun Belt teams. And with all of UTA’s new players and injuries they’ve had to overcome, I honestly don’t know how good we’ll be. It’ll be fun to watch the season unfold and I’m sure for some games the Mavs will look like an inconsistent rebuilding team in a new conference and some games they’ll look like a team of stars gelling together as an unbeatable unit ready to soundly defeat the biggest teams in the Big 12. I think for that reason, they are picked seventh. Here’s a link to the UTA team preview at ESPN:

Coaches’ poll at Sun Belt sports

Jorge Bilbao Player Blog
Interesting insight into what it’s like to experience college and play Division I sports in a new country at…
English translation through Google Translate
Original Spanish


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