Dumb Smartphone…Activation Fun

Mrs. Maverick and I finally upgraded to a pair of nice new smartphones last week. Gone are the still-fairly-nice month-to-month phones with the slide-out keyboards; now we have nice new phones with screens slightly smaller than a baseball stadium replay board and a two-year contract. Got a good deal online from one of the major retail chains.

It arrives a few days later and that’s when the fun began. It took Mrs. Maverick four hours off-and-on over the course of day chatting on the phone with the store we bought it from (and the carrier also) to get our numbers ported over correctly and service finally started. I won’t go into the details because it’s a tedius and boring story and the main thing is the phones are working and the phones are cool and our monthly bill didn’t go up a whole lot over the month-to-month service we had. But really didn’t think it was gonna be that difficult to get up and going with these new phones since I thought they were supposed to kinda activate themselves.

Next time we do this, we’ll just go to the carrier store instead…


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