Mavs Make 15 3s in 27-Pt. Win Over Arkansas State


14-3 overall, 5-1 in conference. What a season so far!

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Mavs Hound Huskies with Outside Shooting

There’s already a couple of really good accounts written about this game by others, so I’ll keep my report short. Overall, a fun night at Collge Park Center. Mavs win 87-69.

Here’s a nice rebound and a putback:

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Orange-Out Night Sends Fans Home in Lemon-Sour Mood

4800+ at College Park Center

4800+ at College Park Center tonight

Every team has a couple of those nights a season when the ball just won’t go in, silly fouls start to add up, the other team makes some threes and most of the game you’re trying come back from a big deficit. Continue reading

Interesting Tweet About Former Mav Butler…

Kevin played a big role in the Mavs’ success the last two years (7-for-7 3-point shooting one night) and it looks like he’s getting a chance to show his game to a D-League team. Continue reading

Concert Review: Maroon 5 – Neon Trees – Owl City

So about a week before the show, Mrs. Maverick and I are talking about how cool it is we’re getting to see two good concerts over the next two weeks: Maroon 5 (her favorite band) and Yes (a favorite of mine I’ve been fortunate enough to see twice: in 1991 or so on the “Union” tour at the big amphitheater in Dallas (what’s it called now?), 2009 at Bass Hall in downtown Cowtown). August 14 and August 21, what should two great nights.

Not so fast.

Somehow when we bought seats individually for these shows, we got the dates mixed up…and both shows are scheduled for March 21. Do we go to Maroon 5 or Yes?

I think you already know how this is gonna turn out…

I love being married to this woman and no matter how much I love “Close to the Edge” and watching Steve Howe play guitar, being a good hubby I agree to sell my Yes tickets via one of the major online ticket companies, and she agrees to use the proceeds for a show I really want to see this summer (not sure who yet).

Fair enough, right? Totally.

And besides, as much as I love Yes…this tour features the band doing mostly songs from their first couple of early 70’s albums (not the 90125 or Big Generator era-stuff from the 80’s-early 90’s)–so I’m not sure someone like Mrs. Mav who only knows their poppier stuff like “Owner of a Lonely Heart” or “Love Wll Find a Way” would really enjoy sitting through their longer 20-minute, mostly-instrumental masterpieces like “And You and I” or “Starship Trooper” in concert. Continue reading