OK, We’re 3-2. What’s Everyone Else?

Concerned Puppy

The Mavs seemed to re-find their groove during a tough game at South Alabama monday. The ball was moving, the defense was locked in, Hervey was making scoring look easy and the boards were being crashed hard. One of these nights, the three-point shot will be there too (like a 9-16 or 11 of 19 performance or something). With such a balanced conference, I’ve got to think 13 conference wins probably gets you in the top spot. Coastal Carolina’s only loss is to UTA, and Georgia Southern has yet to lose. This is gonna be fun to see how the the rest of the season plays out.

So after a couple of weekends of action where it seems anyone can win on any given night, it’s a good time to look at the standings:


Sun Belt Standings
School Conference Overall NCAA RPI Next two games
GA Southern 5-0 12-6 81 home vs. App. St., home vs. Coastal Carolina
Coastal Car. 4-1 9-9 191 at Georgia State, at Georgia Southern
UTA 3-2 13-5 46 home vs. LA-Monroe, home vs. Louisiana
Ark. St. 3-2 12-6 70 home vs. Troy, home vs. S. Ala.
Georgia. St. 3-2 10-7 110 home vs. Coastal Carolina, home vs. App. St.
TX St. 3-2 10-7 261 home vs. Louisiana, home vs. LA-Monroe
Louisiana 2-3 12-6 142 at TX St., at UTA
Little Rock 2-3 11-7 218 home vs. S. Alabama, home vs. Troy
Troy 2-3 10-9 212 at Ark. St., at Troy
South Ala. 2-3 9-9 222 at Ark. State, at Little Rock
App. State 1-4 6-10 265 at Georgia Southern, at Georgia State
LA-Monroe 0-5 6-12 301 at UTA, at TX St.
Bonus: non-conference (no particular order)
School Conference Overall NCAA RPI
Texas 0-4 7-11 154
North Texas 0-6 6-11 291
Bradley 2-5 8-11 207
Fordham 1-5 7-11 255
Minnesota 2-3 15-4 13
Loyola Marymount 3-3 9-8 159
Arkansas 2-2 14-4 35
Fla. Gulf Coast 6-3 14-5 71
Mount St. Mary’s 3-10 7-12 175
St. Mary’s 5-1 15-2 17

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