UTA 66, ASU 82

CPC400x300Sorry about the late post…didn’t feel like blogging much after thursday’s game. Not a good game by the Mavs.The official website has a video with some postgame comments from Coach Cross. He didn’t seem happy.

Sad to say but, that might have been one of the worst overall halves (15 minutes actually, I left with about 5:00 left in the game) I’ve seen in a long time. Wow.

Give ASU credit…they got hot from outside but something seeemed different overall in the second half for UTA on both ends of the floor. It was very reminiscent of the Boise State game last year in Arlington.

For the first 15:00 or so the UTA defense was swarming and looking reminiscent of the defense we’ve seen the last few years (like the first half vs. OU at CPC last year) and ASU was having trouble simply getting the ball into the frontcourt and were fortunate to get most of their shots off with just a few seconds left on the shot clock. And early in the first half, UTA completed two highlight-film alley oop dunks by Anthony Walker on three trips down the floor. At that point, I was thinking this might be a 20-point win against one of the better Sun Belt teams.

But after halftime, UTA got into a halfcourt offense, and the threes would not fall and ASU was either getting better looks at the basket or making every shot they put up or maybe both.

One bright spot….they have changed the scoreboard displays a little and you can see a lot more information…it’s awesome!

Next up: Arkansas-Little Rock 5:00 Saturday at CPC. UA-LR beat Texas State thursday night.
Prediction: UTA comes out a little grumpy from the loss to ASU and wins by 14 tonight. UTA 75, UA-LR 61
UA-LR game preview from UA-LR website


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