Not UTA Basketball: the Concert Saga Part II

Yes, college basketball spring signing period starts today. I can’t find anything on the internet about possible signings (we should have 4 scholarships available for 2013-2014 – Jordan/Karol/Kevin/Cameron) and of those four, we signed two centers back in the fall. I’m guessing we’ll sign a small forward or two. I’ll post more when I hear something. So for now, we’re going to continue with personal stuff.

In my last post, I probably put you to sleep discussing how a happily married couple of six months is still happy after buying tickets for two concerts for the same night. You may recall the resolution was easy: I go to Maroon 5 (which turned out to be pretty good) and we’d pick out a show I wanted to see.

So tell us, Rusty, how did it turn out? Don’t keep us waiting!

I did some looking around and the Killers are going to be at the excellent Nokia Theater in May, but tickets have been on sale for a while and only upper-level seats at the far sides of the venue were available now (or lower-level seats were available for way-too-much $$$ from ticket resellers online)…I mean, I love their Hot Fuss album and some of the stuff on Sam’s Town, but not at those prices. I assumed we’d go check out one of the 80s package shows like they have at the amphitheater over in Fair Park or House of Blues or something…no big hurry. And yes, Maroon 5 is coming back through town to play an outdoor show in September I think. But I’m not sure Mrs. Maverick wants to brave a potentially sweltering late-summer evening to see them again just six months after the previous show. Oh well 🙂

So, as often happens in life, a unique opportunity presents itself…turns out the progressive rock band Kansas is playing at College Park Center, home of our alma mater Mavs.

Who’da thunk? Hmmm, intriguing.

I do remember listening to them in high school and college. Leftoverture and Point of Know Return were pretty amazing back in the day and I think “Song for America, The Wall, Play the Game Tonight” still hold up well. At least to me. The violin kinda works on most songs, but admittedly seems excessive to me on other songs…but it’s a band I’ve never seen them before and it should be interesting to see how they present songs so expertly played and smoothly produced on their albums in an arena setting. College Park Center has pretty good acoustics, so it should sound pretty good. A lot of their music overall has some really positive/borderline spiritual lyrical undertones which is really cool too. So I checked out some of their concert footage online and they’ve got about half their main original band still touring with them apparently and a lot of newspaper and fan reviews are saying that the band is sounding as good as they ever have.

So, with tickets at only $35 each to see a famous act in an intimate basketball venue, an easy 10-minute drive from home, and Mrs. Mav being overwhelmingly agreeable to the idea (she smiled and said she was a big fan of their music growing up but had never seen them live so it was an easy sell)…is this like, just too good to be true or what? I can’t wait!

Kansas official site


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