Great Season!

I think overall if you tried to predict how many wins we’d have this season, considering we graduated 3 talented seniors in Gay, Reed and Ingram…all that leadership, toughness and skill…going into a new conference…that we were playing in a game that could have been our 20th win…I thought we’d win 12-14 games. So at 19, I’d call that a huge success.

I remember a lot of seasons of .500 basketball with many games in front of maybe 1000 fans at Texas Hall against smaller schools. How that has changed! Now we’re kinda accustomed to seeing big programs like Utah State, OU, etc. visit our building. We are in a new era, and as a longtime fan I couldn’t be more thankful or happy that the Mavs will be entering the SunBelt next year with of new players recently signed at the center position; a guard from OSU and 7-foot center Stuart Lagerson (watch him perform one of the greatest UTA dunks ever) joining the lineup after redshirt seasons this year, a returning group of players that have won lots of games at UTA for several years now, a beautiful new arena and best of all our program is headed up by a popular, successful coach.

The ORU game was kind of a tough way to end the season, but you cannot fault the effort this year for the most part…Cameron, Karol, Jordan and Kevin helped elevate the program to levels really not seen before. The tradition of winning at UTA is being established and added to each year, and there’s no reason to think that’s gonna stop anytime soon. I think there’s gonna be lots more banners hanging in the rafters at CPC.

I’ll keep you updated on recruiting, signings, and the occasional non-basketball post or whatever. Maybe we’ll look at opposing arenas, see what our rivals in Denton are up to (losing Tony Mitchell to the NBA draft may hurt their inside game next year…how deep will they be at the 4/5 position next year?) and count down the days until next season. Plus, I’m sure we’ll be getting bits and pieces of info about the 2013-2014 schedule…

Meanwhile, I’m gonna look at what’s left of my bracket and try not to cry. Considering what a college hoops geek I am, I find it funny and humbling that my wife who’s a casual hoops fan at best is light-years ahead of me when we compare brackets…I love this time of year!


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