Mavs 111, Howard Payne 64

ImageLike I said in a previous post, it was a game against a unintimidated Div. III team but it was a good chance to see the new offense for 2013-2014 and the main thing I noticed was how much fun this team is to watch. Last year was a good defensive team with occasional big offensive games, this year will be the opposite.

Dowell scored 35 (6 of 11 outside) and is probably one of the most talented players to play for UTA in the last 20 years, if not all-time.

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Interesting Tweet About Former Mav Butler…

Kevin played a big role in the Mavs’ success the last two years (7-for-7 3-point shooting one night) and it looks like he’s getting a chance to show his game to a D-League team. Continue reading

Maverick Madness Recap (with Dunk Contest Video Highlights)

Maverick Madness was thursday night at College Park Center. This is the first basketball kickoff event I’ve attended (UTA has held Midnight Madness events many times over the years) and it was a lot of fun. Continue reading

Mavs Fast-Break to Entertaining 81-74 Win Over San Jose State

UTA 81, SJSU 74UTA now 16-10, 10-5 on the season, while San Jose State drops to 9-17, 3-12 in a game in which the shot clock was rarely a factor. A lot of fun to watch.

In a game reminiscent of most recent fast-paced UTA-Texas State contests, this was a classic case of one team shooting a lot of 3s and hoping they can make a lot of them, the other team running a balanced offensive attack. And for the first half, it nearly worked for SJSU. SJSU was an impressive 5-9 from 3 the first half, but a cooler 5-16 the second half for 40% for the game. The game was pretty even for the first 17:00 or so until UTA went on a nice run to make it 39-30 at halftime.

Teams are rarely hot from outside for two halves, and SJSU finally cooled off in the second half. While San Jose outscored UTA by 2 (44 to 42) in the second half, the game wasn’t as close as the final score indicated. Using little of the shot clock, San Jose took a lot of 3s (totally in the flow of their offense–they were fairly good looks it seemed), but in basketball missed 3s often lead to long rebounds for the other team and fast breaks (18 fast break points vs. 2 for SJSU) and some nice dunks for the UTA. I think UTA even had a 4-on-1 fast break at one point. But turnovers also lead to fast breaks and some nice dunks, which was probably the difference in the game–UTA took good care of the ball tonight (just 7 turnovers vs. 15 for SJSU) which resulted in  22 UTA points off turnovers vs. just 5 for SJSU. Continue reading

Nice Blowout Win at Home: UTA 63, UTPA 48

You know how college basketball is…team from smaller conference plays at bigger-conference team’s arena…home team plays highlight-reel ball for a half, trades baskets in the second half and you get a 15-point win that wasn’t really as close as the score indicates.  That was last night’s game.

The Mavs have been on both ends of that situation, and last night it was our turn to destroy a smaller, less-skilled opponent in our home arena. With about 12:00 left in first half, UTA was already up 17-2 and would lead at halftime 39-19.

A few key stats paint a vivid picture:
34 points in the paint for UTA, 20 for UTPA
15 second-chance points for UTA, 8 for UTA
Another opponent held under 40% (37.8 for UTPA)…right about our average
Or, for an unstatistical observation: the Mavs were just really on their game offensively and defensively the first half last night. The first 20:00 would have beaten most WAC teams easily.

UTPA’s tallest player was 6-7 so Jordan and Brandon were able to get a ton of rebounds and putbacks. In my mind, Brandon might be the best dunker we’ve seen at UTA in awhile (although who can forget that one that Stuart dropped on Texas State last year at CPC–look it up on YouTube) and Brandon had another good one last night. Picked up the ball off the floor under the basket and slammed it home. At one point, if the scoreboard was correct, I think we had like a 23-3 rebounding lead in the first half.

After UTA got out to a big lead, the last 5 minutes of the first half or so looked very UTA vs. Texas State-like, with a lot of fast breaks, quick shots and overall just fun to watch.

For most of the second half, the teams more or less traded baskets. UTA was patient on offense, find the open guy and take the open shot. And when smaller teams can’t get inside or down by a large margin (or both in this case), they often hoist a lot of 3s and UTPA didn’t make many of them (6 of 23). But to UTPA’s credit, they played hard all game and when UTA’s intensity waned a little in the second half, managed to outscore us 29-24 in the final 20:00.

Up next: UC-I saturday.
I won’t be able to attend that game due to a prior family commitment, but if anyone wants to do a “guest” game report for this site,  post it in the comments and I’ll promote it to a game story.