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I’m a longtime fan of our local university and alma mater, UTA. I attended games at Texas Hall with my dad as a 6th-grader back in the 70s, and am now proud to pass on the tradition of attending games with my son, but he’ll remember mostly attending the games in an amazing new building and great conference. I do miss Texas Hall a bit sometimes, but the future is limitless for the program.

This blog is mostly about UTA sports, but probably some Rangers and life in general in the summer. We’ll see. Please feel free to comment!

Game stories/guest columns welcomed. If they pass muster, I’ll publish it on this blog!
Send them to: utamav91@yahoo.com

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  1. How excited are you for the renewed UNT rivalry (dates back to 1925)? And what do you think it will take for the UTA community to back the men’s basketball program like other schools normally featured on ESPN, CBS, etc.


    • Very excited. Great series. The last game played them on the stage was fun. If the game this season is played before the semester ends and a lot of students attend, we will draw 5000 for the game. Should be a great atmosphere with both teams’ fans in the arena.

      I think to get that kind of backing, it will take one or more of the following:
      – another trip to the ncaa or maybe 2 appearances in 3 years, and having a big season that gets us in as a 12 seed or so and win a first round game
      – pull off a big upset or two. Beat two big 12 teams in a season or win vs a SEC school by 25. Defeat a top 25 school on national tv
      – a couple of 22+ win seasons in a row
      – a mav or two getting drafted by an nba team. We have had 10 players or so the last few years go on to play overseas, but look at how much publicity Georgia State got with their player getting chosen in the nba.


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